SSQ - Synthicide (1984)

Album: SSQ - Playback
Song: Synthicide

Wow... This video is raucously entertaining and is delightfully oozing with over the top 80s antics. Probably one of the better 80s videos I've seen in a while. I can't believe I am still finding random gems from the 80s with only a small amount of research. Regardless, this track will be with me for a long time now.

This track has pretty much everything that gets me stoked on 80s music. An overload of synth leads. Absolutely perfect staccato synth bass. A completely rowdy drummer slamming away on on digital Simmons drums (the hexagon ones) while wearing a full Simmon's jumpsuit, haha. A lead vocalist who is genuinely killing it, in terms of physical and vocal performance. Everything is just super entertaining to watch, especially knowing that this video is 30 years old.

Lastly, and most strangely, the entire vocal track is bathed in reverse reverb. This is a technique I have NEVER heard used this prominently in a dance track like this, or any track off the top of my head. It is more often used for effect when mythical figures are speaking in movies. Totally works though, and gives this song an extremely unusual and distant vibe, which uniquely juxtaposes the in your face energy of the performances.

Have YOU had YOUR digital fix today?

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