Local Rabbits - Stomp Your British Knights Down (1999)

Album: Local Rabbits - Basic Concept (1999)
Stomp Your British Knights Down

The vocals for this track were an instant turn off for me when I first heard the band playing during the music segment of an extremely early Tom Green Show episode (season 1 from the Canadian Comedy Network). They are just so high pitch, and bizarre. Certainly one of a kind though...

Almost a decade later I found that the vocal hooks from this song, and the tonality of those vocals were stuck in my head. It began to drive me crazy because for as good as I am at finding music online, I simply could not find this CD anywhere. All I had to go by was my memory of this very strange song. Eventually, I had to resort to buying a used copy of the CD off eBay specifically so I could rip this song and put it on Youtube. I had a feeling that there would have been others out there who were in my same situation. Judging by the view count, I would say that there probably have been some.

After actually getting to hear the version on the album, to my surprise, the lyrics are actually really unconventional and unique as well. They make direct references to actual metal bands and the spirit of metal music in general. Though this band has nothing to do with metal in any way, their knowledge and respect for the genre in the lyrics still put a huge smile on my face. In some ways, the raw energy of this song, and the explicit disregard for what vocals people expect to hear are kind of in the spirit of metal anyways.

"Hat's off to the pointy guitars. 

The bloody logos and the five pointed stars.
Crank up parental-wince-inducing riffs.
To heavy metal may I send my regards"

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