Christian Bruhn - Ford Capri Ii (Ford 1973)

Album: Christian Bruhn - Popshopping Vol.1 (released 2001)
Song: Ford Capri Ii (Ford 1973)

Christian Bruhn is a fairly prolific jingle, theme and library musician from Germany. His stuff dates back to the early 60s, but he continued right on into the 80s where he wrote fantastic synth scores for the Captain Future series.

This, however, is raw, advertisement friendly funk. You can practically see woman in long glimmering gloves waving their hands in front of some product on a rotating podium. It was apparently used for a Ford Capri, but I have yet to see the original advertisement. Considering the nature of library music, I am sure this song appeared on lots of commercials, and rightfully so. It's just such a positive sounding track. It's a shame that it was only closely related with rampant consumerism. It's a fantastic piece of art on it's own
that is chalk full of great performances. I wonder how long this track will even be allowed to stay on youtube considering it's ties in a former era.

Anyway, the horn section is oozing with style, which is perfectly backed up by a drummer that is totally demolishing the drums and percussion with a snappy and energetic drum track. Everything is rounded out with this ultra pleasant female vocal section, while flutes and organs swirl around.

Pun intended: It's firing on all cylinders.

Ford at least hired the right guy to compose a track for them.

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