Scary Thieves - Halloween (1984)

Album: Scary Thieves - Scary Thieves (1984 - Unreleased)
Song: Halloween

Scary Thieves were a mid 80s band that had the perfect sound. In their one album, there are probably 5 or so songs that could have easily been radio singles and house hold words at the time. The only problem was, THE ALBUM NEVER GOT RELEASED. 

The album is a wash in British 80s synthpop vocals, drums and keys. Everything comes together in such a polished and impressive way that it compounds the confusion as to why this album was shelved. The speculation is that the singer of the band had a "complex" relationship with the record company executive's girl friend. That story is actually pretty believable to me, because this singer was probably pretty sure the band was going to be huge. Perhaps it went to his head? 

Anyway, this is not my favourite song off the album, but in honour of Halloween coming up, here's a tasty, ultra obscure 80s track to play at your Halloween parties

Edit: The video I upload was taken down from YouTube, which is strange sicne the album is already too obscure for it's own good. I guess they REALLY didn't want people to hear this thing. Regardless, here's another way to hear the song:


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