Billy Ocean - Another Day Won't Matter (1981)

Album: Billy Ocean - Nights, Feel Like Getting Down (1981)
Song: Another Day Won't Matter

I had heard the song Caribbean Queen a few times through out my life, but never as an adult. It came on TV one day and I had to stop and make sure I looked at who the artist was. As I usually do, I was extremely curious to hear WHAT ELSE that artist had done. Artists usually saved very predictable songs for their radio singles, and leave the tracks I tend to enjoy most as just other sings on the album. I blew through a lot of Billy Ocean's 80s albums and was delighted to hear banger after banger that really put Caribbean Queen far in to the background. I think the most prominent of the "deep cuts" in his discography was this track.

Right from that opening drum fill, I could tell this track and I were going to get along famously. I am an absolute sucker for ultra tight, funk drumming. When the snares have that juicy snap\pop to them, and the hi-hats are just sizzling up and down dictating the precise tempo and groove. The bass is also accenting the rhythm just right, and gives just enough incentive for you to shimmy your body side to side while you are tapping your head.

Then you have Billy Ocean's vocals. My first impression of them when I first heard this song was that they are a little nasally. But he more than makes up for it by having a truly genuine and even somewhat fragile energy to his performance. His delivery and pronunciation is absolutely infectious and very unique which ultimately can not be denied. This track never fails to make me happy.

Deep cuts for life!

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