Joseph Williams - I Didn't Do It (1982)

Album: Joseph Williams - Joseph Williams (1982)
Song: I Didn't Do It

Film composer John Williams (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T., etc) had a son who evidently made some insanely rockin' 80s music.

I've heard a lot of music in my travels on the internet. Immediately this track stands out as something exceptionally unique. The way the guitars and the bass are synchronously playing that opening riff. The tonality and the performance of it is just so "meaty". The first time I heard it, I was fully prepared to hear some heavy rock. As soon as the vocals kicked in, I almost couldn't believe what I was hearing.

It's like a mix of Michael Jackson and John Farnham (Break the Ice, Thunder in Your Heart). Super high quality, super characteristic and energetic pop vocals, matching the energy of this stupendously heavy rhythm and brass track. I can't help but be left wondering how it is possible that this track is not something you still hear today.

Add to that the son of the most famous film composer of all time, and you have an Anomaly if I ever heard one.

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