Ain Soph - The Swan Lake (1986)

Album: Ain Soph - Hat and Field (1986) 
Song: The Swan Lake

Ain Soph is an instrumental Japanese Prog\Jazz band that is either a heavily copy right enforced band, or a genuinely obscure band. Either way, it's very hard to come across any of their music on youtube, so I figured I would put it up there and see how long it lasts. 

This happens to be the single track of theirs that originally turned my head and made me take notice many years ago. This is a song that was so good I had to copy it to a separate folder just so I would not forget how good it is if I ever forgot the band.

I love the way that they write a verse that is essentially many verses in one, and seems to go from section to section to section before eventually hitting the first chorus or bridge. It's a style of song writing that immediately makes me think of NES music, or chiptunes in general. 

Of course, here they are using smooth clean guitars, jazzy wandering bass lines and slick progressive jazz drumming. There's also a very nice hazy to the whole track. Like a memory, or a dream. The keys and the synths really just float above this track like a thick fog over rolling hills.

Check it out and spread the word!

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