Klaus Doldinger - Skyscape (1983)

Album: Klaus Doldinger - Constellation (1983)
Song: Skyscape

Klaus Doldinger was originally a German jazz saxophonist who began in the 60s and 70s with the band Passport, but he eventually stumbled in to making movie scores by the time the 80s rolled around. To all of our benefit, he begin to become more interested in synthesizers, especially for writing scores. One stand out example of this is the actual score to The Never Ending Story, which he wrote along side Giorgio Moroder. Somehow he also found the time to single handedly write and produce this solo album, filled almost entirely with synths and electronics.

The best part about that is, since he is an original 60s jazz musician, he knows music. He gets it on the most fundamental level. His use of synthesizers was out of the joy of the emerging brand new sounds that could be created. It is amazing to hear a seasoned and trained musician interpret song writing in the very new genre of synthesizers. And at the time when synthesizers were almost brand new.

This track in particular has always struck a chord with me. Depending on what you are thinking about at the time, it can move you to tears.

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