Here Today - Whistle In the Yard 12'' (1983)

Album: Here Today - Whistle In the Yard 12'' (1982)
Song: Whistle In the Yard

Here is an absolute banger from 1983. The genre is post-punk new wave. But really it's quite unique sounding beyond that label. The production quality is absolutely infectious and really on point. It's definitely a dark track, but it feels like it was recorded by a pop group that just wanted to do something dark. Vibrant pink album cover, with a dark and defiant tone.

The song itself has a smattering of that 80s 'wash of guitar' sound. Something you might expect U-2 to do with their guitars, but done much more aggressively and close quarters. The bass is gritty, and there are tons of little bass fills peppered in there that give this song a sense of urgency. The vocalist is also breaking the 'fourth wall' a lot by purposely derailing the conventional vocal structure. Yet more defiance.

The melodies also have that trademark 80s skepticism to them. There is something undeniably pure about strife and opposition in the early 80s. Nothing was fully digital yet. It's completely analog emotion, but at the very end of the completely analog world. It could just be me, but the name of the band also seems to reference that change. Here, today. A unique time for music to say the least.

This song is a defiant keeper.

Edit: The original video got taken down. All I could find was a version of the entire vinyl EP. In any case, the first track is the one I had originally posted. So just hit play.

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