Judie Tzuke - Sportscar (1980)

Album: Judie Tzuke - Sportscar (1980)
Song: Sportscar

Track from 1980 that almost seems like it should be coming out now. There is a very unique "modern" quality to the enigmatic vocal melodies and rhythms. That thing that a lot of new music does, where the vocal timing is really hard to predict. I don't usually hear that in music that is over 35 years old. It's neat to hear, though.

Aside from the enigmatic vocal phrasings, the lyrics are pretty much worthy of fist pumping. It's a pretty defiant theme that basically calls out people who act arrogantly, and selfishly, and expect that people should be impressed by their material possessions. Judie Tzuke wasn't having any of it. It's an absolute delight to hear even 35 years later.

As a side bonus, here is a version of the song being performed live during the time of the album's release. The reason I am posting this as well is because just look at the performance here. Considering the theme of the song, just look at her up on stage. The confident body language, and her energy hitting this exceptionally difficult vocal part. It just makes me happy that this happened. I don't know why.

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