Hubert Kah - Wenn Der Mond Die Sonne Beruehrt (1984)

Album: Hubert Kah - Goldene Zeiten (1984)
Song: Wenn Der Mond Die Sonne Beruehrt

I once organized my Anomalies folder by the date the track was released under. To my delight, the year that had by far the most submissions was the year 1984. To clarify, the Anomaly folder is where I literally "copy" mp3s from their archives and paste them (making a double). I've been doing this for nearly 12 years now, and there has never been any rhyme or reason to why, when, or where I look for tracks. They find me. I have come across 1600 tracks in my time.

With that in mind, consider that
of all of those tracks, the majority of them come from the year this track came out. What was it about this particular year that ended up producing the sounds I will blindly and at randomly gravitate towards? That is something I will definitely post about in the future, as I have a lot of thoughts on the subject. But what about this track?

Hubert Kah is a German synth pop group that had a pretty decent following in the west. So much so that they re-recorded the album this song was on in English as well, which is kind of rad. But I definitely much prefer the original German vocals. They just feel more natural, and cold.

As with most of the tracks I end up posting, the track is completely bathed in reverb. It's clearly out of control, but once you are in the track, you don't really notice. it just makes everything feel icy and digital. But melodic, too.

Anyway, for comparison, here is the English version as well so you can compare which one sounds better. I would definitely recommend you try to forget about what the lyrics are saying, and just try to enjoy the art of speech. German synth pop of this calibre does not come around very often. Enjoy it over the English one while you can!

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