Vladimir Furduj Furda - Medy (1985)

Album: Vladimir Furduj Furda - Furda, Furda (1985)
Song: Medy

In spite of an extremely tense political atmosphere of the former Yugoslavia at the time, there happened to be a very strong music scene in the 70s to the 80s. So much so that I almost always make it a point to check out anything labelled as having come from Yugoslavia. This track was no exception. Based on this cover alone, I simply had to know...

I was not prepared, at all, for one of the most inspiring
Flugelhorn performances I've ever heard (performed by Goce Dimitrovski). It's oozing with so much reverb in the best possible way. It sounds like it is being played in a concert hall with no one in it, and is exceptionally introspective as a result.

Hidden in the background is a slowly pulsing synth bass pad that is just fat enough to give the track some heft without stealing the show from the horn.

The whole track as a result sounds remarkable similar to something you would hear in Blade Runner. As in, I can practically picture Deckard walking in to his lonely, super high-tech but scattered and messy apartment. The lights on really low, surrounded by mind boggling futuristic technology, but being eaten up inside with personal inner turmoil. Sometimes you just need to have a good sit down and think kind of evening.

Vladimir Furduj-Furda, no where in your casual sneaker and sweater wearing cover did you prepare me for this! Why does a lead drummer even have a song this soulful on his album anyway?

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