Viktor Saltykov (Виктор Салтыков) - Sud'ba (Fate) (1991)

Album: Viktor Saltykov (Виктор Салтыков) - Армия любви (Army of Love) (1991)
Song: Sud'ba (Fate)

Viktor Saltykov (Виктор Салтыков) is essentially Russia's analog to Richard Page (the singer for Mr Mister). I am getting way in to this guy lately even though I can barely understand the characters used in the file names, haha. I have Russian torrent sites to thank for the archives.

This track is from roughly 1991 and title Google Translates to "Fate".

The music itself features a perfect amount of 90s E.Piano and subtle synth wooshes. But ultimately, this is just Viktor singing a pretty mellow, somber, and incredibly emotional tune, alone on stage, for a HUGE crowd of people in Russia. I just find everything about this song and performance fascinating.

There is a massive world of culture out there. It constantly boggles my mind.

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