Pointer Sisters - Automatic (1983)

Album: Pointer Sisters - Break Out(1983)
Song: Automatic

I've been meaning to post this one for a while now. This is another two for one Anomaly where the video is just as entertaining as the song. And I mean that with absolutely no irony at all. This song is fantastic, and this video is mesmerizing.

Most people would probably know the Pointer Sisters best for their track "So Excited", which has been featured in just about every movie and commercial ever made. It is ultimately refreshing to also discover that almost all of the rest of their discography was of exceptionally high quality. This track really stands out for me for two reason. An unreasonable amount of synth (IE: the most reasonable amount), and Ruth Pointer's unbelievably deep vocals.

This track made it's rounds in the 80s and 90s, but I am sure most people who did not see it being performed assumed it was a man singing, and not a woman. This is one of the reasons this track in particular stand out so much to me as it is only one of a handful of their tracks that really emphasized Ruth's distinct qualities.

The interesting thing about females with naturally deeper voices is that by default, they sound unique. Just based on the lack of females who can, or who do pursue this vocal quality. You just do not get to hear it very often, and when it is done, and done well, it always sounds different than you are used to. There is always something infectiously original about it, and this track is pretty much on the top of the heap.

Aside from that, the Pointer Sisters clearly work well together. The back up vocal portions of this song all combine into this really marvelous tonal quality that kind of reminds me of when the Power Rangers would all morph together to create Megazord (not that I watched much Power Rangers... ... ...)

But on the topic of the power rangers, let's talk about this video. Who's idea was it to basically turn each sister into a dancing Power Ranger, each with their own unique skill and strength? The dresses and the colour schemes just scream, something. I am not sure what. I mean, I can't watch without wondering how in the hell they are able to dance so subtly, but so energetically and smoothly, while wearing those outfits and those pumps. Let's be honest, there is something absolutely intoxicating about their synchronized gyrations. And I don't even mean in a sexual way. I mean as a human enjoying what other humans can do, the singing, the dancing, this is really something else.

A twofer Anomaly for the ages.

Though I do enjoy the video, the quality of the audio does suffer a bit. Although I am a sucker for VHS obliteration, I should also share the original album version so you can really enjoy the full spectrum of the Pointer Sisters' range.

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