Dare - Abandon (1988)

Album: Dare - Out of the Silence (1988)
Song: Abandon

These are some of the deepest embrasure breathy 80s vocals I can think of. It's like if Bryan Adams, or  John Parr are purposely trying to sing in their signature style, just much much deeper and breathy. It's fascinating sounding, and even somewhat rare to my recollection, but it really gives this song a distinct quality. And if you ever try to sing along to it in your car, try not to pass out on some of the longer notes!

Outside of the fantastic vocals, this track is thick. The production on this song is absolutely massive, from the monstrous slamming kicks and snares to the meaty palm muted rhythm section, to the wash of 80s reverb. Everything is just designed to make this track sound huge.

The melodies, too, smack of the best kind of 80s. That sort of chord progression and energy that would fit better in an 8bit action game than a band. This sort of hyper melodic, unabashed melodic approach usually always results in an Anomaly track in my experience.

Let us all unbutton our denim wrangler shirts just a little, in honour of this track.

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