Deco ~ Featuring Siedah Garrett - Curves (1985)

Album: Deco featuring Siedah Garrett - Fast Forward Soundtrack (1985)
Song: Curves

I used to work at a video store back in the VHS days, and I would put this tape in for the soundtrack alone. I am not a fan of dance or gettin' "served", but I am a huge fan of synthy 80s music. Fortunately, this movie is stocked to the brim with original 80s synth pop bangers!

This one in particular has survived the test of time, and seems to find it's way on to every "random" playlist I hand create. These lyrics, they just get to me. This girl is speaking my language.

Musically, the vocals are dynamite, and the energy is pumpin'. But, as usual, that synth bass takes the cake. I just can't get enough of a good fat synth bass. This bass line is so good!

But what would an Anomaly be without an irrational dosage of synths all over the place. This track has everything I want it a good 80s track. Can't drive too fast, I ain't no straightaway. Tell it girl!

Edit: Also, looks like Giles, from Osborne and Giles was a part of writing this track. Good ol' Giles!

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