Osborne & Giles - Keep Pushin' On (1985)

Album: Osborne & Giles - Stranger in the Night (1985)
Song: Keep Pushin' On

Either this song has been intentionally swept off youtube, or it is surprisingly not been uploaded. Either way, it is not fair to keep everyone from hearing such an unusual and amazing track.

Everything is here that I enjoy in an 80s track. the fast pace, the very melodic approach to song writing, the synth etc. With one special and very exceptional ingredient: The uncommonly high pitch vocals

The lead singer appears to be singing in a higher register then the song was actually meant for. Something that is extra noticeable because it is a male vocalist. While lots of male singers sing in this falsetto style, I feel like they aren't really doing it with the same approach as it is here. It almost seems like the singer is struggling (but not straining) to maintain in this higher range when it would be easier to do it in a lower register. And because of that, I really find it fascinating to just listen to. Not even really paying attention to the lyrics. I just pay attention to when he is going from regular high pitch to falsetto high pitch. it's an art.

In addition, the backup female vocalists really go to town with some very high pitch backup accents that kind of seal the deal for the whole high pitch thing. It almost seems as if the song is being played at a faster BPM then was intended, and heck, maybe this random mp3 I have been jamming to for a year was improperly encoded or something. Which begs and even bigger question: How relative is pitch in regards to our enjoyment of a song?

At the very least, it is rare when I have a song in my anomalies folder that is not yet on youtube. I don't know if that is by design here, or not, so enjoy this track while you can, and keep pushin' on!

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