Aina - Target Practice (1985 Norway)

Album: Aina - Target Practice (1985 Norway)
Song: Target Practice

Completely obscure Norwegian synthpop never sounded so good. Though her English is indistinguishable, I like the believe there is a little Norwegian poking through in some of those Scandinavian "ou" sounds.

While this is perhaps a fairly low impact song, I have found myself returning to it quite a lot when I am putting together last minute playlists for car trips. Nothing about the production leaps out at me, which leads me to believe it is entirely the performance. There is a thick presence to the energy of this track. It's punchy, and kind of wild, but overall it is just a catchy hook that really just digs it's hook in.

Plus that cover... Man alive. Aina looks like she could kick some ass, and I ain't hatin' it. I'm not sure how or why, but I think this cover, and the fact that is is Norwegian helps me like the song more. Shoot shoot shoot, right from the heart.

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