REBECCA - ヴァージニティー (Virginity) (1984)

Song: ヴァージニティー (Virginity)


This track was a random surprise that I had to make a video for. There is something about early 80s J-pop that is fascinating. There was certainly a lot more western influence in the types of instrumentation, and the song structures. On paper, you could compare this song to something similar to US rock group Heart. But in practice, everything about it seems to have an entirely different "translation", which really gives it a mysterious and intriguing quality, at least to my ears.

Specifically, I think it is the execution of the song. All the instruments and song structures are there, but it's clearly as if one specific genre is being interpreted through a different culture, in a way that highlights the differences in an ultra pleasant way. They are using all the same tools for the same means, they are just doing it in ways that were quite uncommon in the west.

One prime example is when the chorus of this song first plays (at 1:02). This is a very "American" style chorus, with very American style powerful female vocals. But the execution of it just sounds, different. The emphasis on these vocals or something, it's both familiar, but unexpected. It's hard to explain beyond that. But, I had to make a video for it and put it on youtube regardless. Check it out. Expand your miiiiiind.

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